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Welcome to our Solutions Partner Program! We've learned that, for marketing to work, 4 main "ingredients" must be present. We refer to them as the 4 S's: Software, Strategy, Support, and you the Subscriber. MarketMYSTR provides the software and the support.

We partner with Bill Faeth and, when appropriate, other industry experts to provide proven strategies necessary to help you grow your direct bookings...and make more profit.

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STR Digital is a team of creative folks who love to help you get more guests, more direct bookings, and more revenue for your hospitality business.

Jeff & Brett have a history of getting 50%+ direct bookings on their portfolio and have created strategies to help fellow short term rental owners grow their direct bookings dramatically so that you don't have to figure it out yourself.

STR Digital offers the following services: "Core 4 Done For You," 5 Page Direct Booking Websites, 1 Page Landing/Direct Booking page, SEO, and Email/SMS/Social Media Marketing Setup.

Complete the form above to learn more about how STR Digital can help you grow your direct bookings starting today!

STR marketing made easy & done for you. Designed for property managers & owners, Stay Booked specializes in boosting direct bookings and repeat guest stays so you can stay profitable, reduce your reliance on OTAs, and focus on the things you enjoy.

Lindsey (and her Stay Booked team) combines her first-hand experience of owning & managing STRs with 15+ years as a marketing executive for some of the world’s biggest she really gets it.

The Short-Term Gems Team, in collaboration with MarketMy2Doors, is proud to introduce the premier all-inclusive marketing platform tailored for the STR & MTR industry.

We handle the day-to-day tasks of your short-term rental, giving you the freedom to grow your business and focus on the things that matter most

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